Covid19 and Work

Thriving in the new working realism of Covid-19

The coronavirus is changing everything about how people work, and this change will be permanent. Even though the working world is experiencing unprecedented uncertainty, there are two things that should be accepted in mind: the virus will pass, and on the flip side of the pandemic, the work environment will be looking very different.
Businesses, governments and society have been forced to adopt new ways of working and communicating in light of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. To overcome the challenges of the new way of working, collaboration and networking technology providers are indicating that clients continue to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies globally and open up hitherto unconsidered messaging channels.
Given that all businesses are certainly in unprecedented times with Covid-19, Covid-19 has forced a collective rethink of the way we work, even if a lot of the tools being used are not new. And the way effectiveness is measured may be due for a welcome change.
Covid-19 has accelerated the move towards remote working. The tools needed to work remotely were widely available even before Covid19, but not a lot of companies used remote working as a primary operating model. That’s all changed now, with an increasing number of businesses coming to realize that they can gain efficiencies by moving away from the office. If businesses change the way they work in reaction to Covid-19, they may end up, unintentionally, chipping away at the outdated concept of physical presence. Pre-pandemic, physical presence was all too often seen as a measure of staff performance in its own right. Now, organisations are having to explore alternative methods of measuring productivity, such as the ‘objectives and key results’ (OKR) method. In this employee performance is measured against a small number of key objectives aligned to the organisation’s overall goals

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